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Part of Auckland Fringe 2019

Got a Deep Obsession with NZ Music?

Come and let your hips Swing to NZ PARTY PLAYLIST made up of NZ Music's finest beats from the 90’s & 2000’s. We won't be jammin' Dave Dobbyn or singing Poi E - instead you'll be feeling True Bliss and those Nesian Styles. How many dudes you know roll like this? Not Many, if any. Can you feel me K'Lee?

Kate Barnes’ main claim to fame is that in 2015, Jacinda Ardern called her “the face of Q”, so that’s been her unofficial job title at Q Theatre (crediting Cindy) ever since. Join Kate in Q’s lounge for a night of nostalgia, singing & dancing.

As one of NZ music’s top fans, Kate can assure you this playlist is strictly late 90’s and 2000’s, when NZ music really smashed out some bangers. There will be music videos to help take you on a trip down memory lane. Belt out the words to a stellar* hit, reminisce Tonight with True Bliss then get low with We Gon Ride by Dei Hamo!

To book Kate as a DJ for your next party, head to the contact page and get in touch! Bespoke playlists, themed parties. Dream it, believe it!